Ingrid - Hot Wax 2

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Ingrid - Hot Wax 2

Ingrid - Hot Wax 2

Description: Sexy Ingrid, a tattooed babe with pink and blonde hair, is enjoying a quiet night in alone. Dressed in a cosy sweater and black knee-socks, she sits by the fire in a rocking chair, reading a book. Relaxed, she soon drifts off to sleep in her seat – and, as she begins to dream, the action takes a kinky turn…Ingrid is now sitting on the floor of her shower, surrounded by colorful lit candles – with a huge, black dildo among them. She is wearing a candy-pink PVC dress, hiked up to expose her shaved pussy. As she jacks the mock-cock, she gazes into the dancing flame of a purple candle. She tilts it to drizzle molten wax on her skin, wincing as the hot liquid splashes and hardens.Next, her blue-manicured fingers tease her slit as she licks and sucks the dildo. Even with her lips at full stretch, she can barely cram more than the head in her mouth. She guides it down to her pussy, taking it in deeper with each thrust. Soon, cream is oozing out her snatch and down her crack – then she grabs a bright yellow candle and pours a stream of wax between her thighs.Displaying incredible flexibility, Ingrid raises a long leg and tucks her foot behind her head. This opens her up even wider as she reams her pussy with the thick black shaft and keeps the hot wax coming. She squats, legs bent double and knees splayed wide, to ride the toy. Then, balanced on her tiptoes, she leans back and pounds it with her hand.Her breath comes in heavy gasps as she orgasms, then quiets as she withdraws the dildo and caresses her satisfied snatch. Back in the real world, she is asleep in her chair, legs splayed with her white bikini panties on show. Suddenly, she drops her book on the floor and snaps awake. She finds her panty crotch is soaked with her juices and quickly moves to the bedroom…

Tags: Solo, Posing, Masturbation, Dildo, Sex Toys, Barefoot, Bathroom, Indoor
Models: Ingrid

Format: mp4
Time: 00:13:39
Size: 400.27 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

Categories: Solo Girl
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